Oct 10, 2014

Outdoor theater concept work


TOWER Outdoor theater

TOWER is portable theater enabling you to watch movie easily no matter where you are.

Its module consists of mini projector and speakers. It is placed in a case for easy storage and carriage.


There are people who remember story of the movie Titanic which was released 15 years ago
but no one would remember in which theater they saw it. That is because there is not much
difference between the theaters. Probably because of this, unique movie theater located outside
is becoming popular around the world.

Glamping is a new word made from the combination of glamorous and camping meaning enjoying
camping comfortably with all the necessary tools. Along with increase of Glampings, enjoying one’s
cultural life in the nature is becoming popular. They are becoming equipped with all kinds of tools to
minimize inconvenience and moreover, searching for the culture inside the nature.


DLP is a new projector which utilizes DMD chip. The biggest advantage of DLP projector is the
high contrast range. It is used for movies with its good contrast range showing brightness and darkness.

  • *Hi-fi bluetooth Speaker
    Hi-fi means characteristics of auditory devices which can evenly play the sound ranging from low to high part of the audible frequency of people, 16Hz~20kHz. This truly plays the original sound so it is appropriate for portable sound with its high sound transmission outside.

  • Market / User
    The main function of TOWER is projector. Currently, the mini projector market has a wide range of products such as ones for camping that has high portability and high functional ones. They are positioned for individual target market. TOWER is for people who wishes to use projector easily and have great memories in their daily life.


There are three modules in the case. The mini projector which shows the movie and speakers
for delivering sound effectively. Each module is connected by magnetic so you can store them as a tower.


You can have different setting in the TOWER APP. You can choose the list of movies and also,
adjust details such as brightness and chroma of the screen.

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