Sep 18, 2014

Kurt Cobain


Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

The voice of the times to end his life at 27, Kurt Cobain.
He belched out youthful loneliness  and anger to the world
with his guitar melodies. For him, it was the only exit to escape
from the isolated society and a kind of curse at the world that didn’t
recognize him. After a big success of Nirvana, he refused to
maintain the group’s reputation using popularity like other rock bands.
In the end, Kurt Cobain with a weak-minded character killed himself
as a drug addict in 1994, after enjoying the short golden age.

“It’s better to burn out than to fade away.”
Kurt Cobain’s short but strong life inspires me a lot.

Sep 14, 2014

Medical 3D Printer concept

“Pill maker”, a three dimensional printer, is designed to provide fast
and convenient medical services to people living in the least developed countries.
People living in poor countries die due to lack of medical benefits.
Since the 1970’s, various health benefits available in advanced countries
 are not available  in poor countries due to deepening economic gap between the two worlds.
*LDCs : Least Developed Countries.
As of 2009, there are 49 countries designated as poor including Cambodia, Angola, and Togo.
Medical assistance to poor countries using the 3D printing technology.
Pill maker Medical printer
Many living in the least developed countries are faced with various diseases.
They not only get proper treatment due to insufficient medical facilities and health care
personnel, but also easily exposed to commun icable diseases due to low immunity.
“Pill maker”, a three dimensional printer, is designed to provide fast and convenient medical
 services to people living in the least developed countries.
Users can utilize the pill maker in self-diagnosis, prescribe and print pills to have
 proper treatment regardless of insufficient medical facilities and health care personnel.
01 Small medicine container given to people free of charge.
The small medicine container is equipped with special printing panels withstanding
 heat produced in printing and some medicine as well as first-aids.
02 Preparation
When the medicine container is inserted, it is ready to diagnose.
03 Biopen for accurate diagnoses
Blood analysis provides accurate diagnosis without doctors or nurses helping patients.
04 Pill printing
After the blood analysis is done, pills are printed combining ingredients
 in the medicine capsules according to the prescription.

Sep 13, 2014


FUSEPROJECT is a design company in the United States.
If you look at their portfolio ,
you know why many companies want to work with them.


Sep 12, 2014

Marc Newson works

Marc Newson has been described as the most
influential designer of his generation.
Recently, he has joined Apple's design team.
How fast apple's design grow depends on his hand.
 more info.

Attractive and clear sketches

These are sketches that are uploaded to SWBK the hottest design company in Korea.
Concise and clear sketches create effective communication.

I love their sketches and works. 

If you want to know more works of SWBK, visit SWBK.COM

Sep 11, 2014

Journey without thinking


Osaka / Winter

The unique charm of the alley of Japan.


Design works inspired by the volcano



01. In house volcano

 I love the way designer Dae-hoo Kim has taken away the focus from
the form and driven it to the process of vapor creation in this Volcano Humidifier.
No doubt the design is classy, but the whole idea of a volcano shaped humidifier
emitting doughnut-shaped condensed vapor is a lot more appealing.

Designer: Dae-hoo Kim

02.Fiert Feast
The Volcano is a barbecue grill that is modeled on the unpredictable
volcanic eruptions seen in mountains. The idea stemmed from the love of watching
dancing flames on barbecues as they slowly cooked and grilled assorted food items
and transformed them to yummy delicacies. Although a cumbersome process,
people still go through the pains of setting up the grill and indulging in elaborate fares,
hopefully the Volcano will make life easier for them all.
Designers: Seoryeong Sharon Lee & Jinseon Yoo