Sep 11, 2014

Design works inspired by the volcano



01. In house volcano

 I love the way designer Dae-hoo Kim has taken away the focus from
the form and driven it to the process of vapor creation in this Volcano Humidifier.
No doubt the design is classy, but the whole idea of a volcano shaped humidifier
emitting doughnut-shaped condensed vapor is a lot more appealing.

Designer: Dae-hoo Kim

02.Fiert Feast
The Volcano is a barbecue grill that is modeled on the unpredictable
volcanic eruptions seen in mountains. The idea stemmed from the love of watching
dancing flames on barbecues as they slowly cooked and grilled assorted food items
and transformed them to yummy delicacies. Although a cumbersome process,
people still go through the pains of setting up the grill and indulging in elaborate fares,
hopefully the Volcano will make life easier for them all.
Designers: Seoryeong Sharon Lee & Jinseon Yoo


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